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The Credibility Powerhouse provides executives and professionals in startups and corporations worldwide consultancy services focusing on individual and corporate credibility, trust, reputation, branding, and leadership. We also aim to raise awareness of the return on investment of credibility engineering throughout the industry.



Featured services:


  • Credibility Engineering*
  • Building Credibility and Reputation in new markets
  • Credibility and Reputation Management during M&A
  • Rebuilding damaged Credibility and Reputation after crisis
  • Reputation Management & Strategy for SMEs in China and Southeast Asia
  • Credibility Return on Investment
  • Credibility Engineering for CEOs, leaders, and KOLs



Credibility engineering* is a strategic planning approach, based on theoretical and empirical research, to plan, to implement, and to evaluate strategy and tactics to build and consolidate individual and corporate credibility.


Visit the Credibility Engineering page for more details.




Reputation Building Framework




























The Credibility Institute experts can help your organisation at any stages of this reputation building process, even before or after a crisis.


No trustworthiness, no credibility. No credibility, no dialogue. No dialogue, no reputation. It is impossible to build a good reputation without credibility. Once your stakeholders have trust in your managers and your organisation, you can start building your credibility. And then, when your stakeholders find you credible, it is time to work on your reputation.


Our experts can also help you in evaluating and measuring your credibility. Keep in mind that Return on Investment (ROI) is always important to top-level managers.



Credibility Engineering Pillars





















Our Consultancy Services include:


  • Credibility Engineering
    • Individual credibility
    • Corporate credibility
  • Building Credibility and Reputation in new markets
  • Credibility and Reputation management under uncertainty
  • Credibility and Reputation management during M&A
  • Rebuilding damaged Credibility and Reputation after crisis
  • Credibility and Reputation management and strategy for SMEs and startups in China and SE Asia
  • Credibility across cultures
  • Credibility management for Leaders
  • Reputation Management & Strategy in China
  • Credibility across cultures
  • Brand Building in new markets
  • Business development and brand building for new comers in China and SE Asia
  • Credibility evaluation and measurement
  • Credibility ROI and ROE
  • Credibility KPIs
  • Online Reputation management
  • Online Credibility management
  • Digital Public Relations and Storytelling





* Credibility Engineering is under a trademark examination.








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