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Credibility engineering (Under trademark examination) is a strategic planning approach, based on theoretical and empirical research, to plan, to implement, and to evaluate strategy and tactics to build and consolidate individual and corporate credibility. The strategy proposed to our clients could begin in any of the branding, image, trust, or credibility stages.



No credibility. No dialogue.


Credibility is the basis of communication between humans and between organisations and their publics or stakeholders. Where there is no credibility, there is no dialogue.



We believe in a message. A spokesperson is credible.


Credibility is an intangible asset often overlooked by organizations and a determining factor in reputation building; we have already explained this statement in the article Revisiting a powerful corporate asset: Credibility ( The following diagram visually explains how branding contributes to build the image and then, the image to generate trustworthiness; trust being the basis of credibility (Prud'homme). There are certainly several other factors that come into the process to build credibility of an individual or a firm.



Reputation Building Framework




























Dozens of credibility factors have been studied since the 1950s, including Prud’homme’s Master degree research on credibility factors in crisis situations in 2003 (ref. However, spokespersons, managers, and organisations must remember that they do not need to master all of credibility factors to be credible, but rather be comfortable with some of them and work with a sound strategy. This is what credibility engineering provides professionals working on credibility and reputation of organisations.



Credibility Engineering Pillars (Prud'homme)




















Thanks to credibility engineering, we are able to understand the myth that "we believe a spokesperson or a company" is now over. In fact, people believe in a message and perceive a spokesperson or a firm as credible (Prud'homme).



Credibility Process (Prud'homme) would therefore be:























Credibility is a Transaction


It is crucial to understand that credibility is not only a relationship but above all it is a transaction. Credibility is a fundamental element in the creation and consolidation of relationship with stakeholders, it is now clear to all professionals (ref. What is less evident to understand is the transaction between a spokesperson and his/her publics. Prud’homme has already explained the notions of transactions and information exchanges through the credibility ecosystem (ref.




























Credibility Return on Investment (ROI)


Credibility engineering not only offers a sound strategy based on KPIs to build credibility, but also evaluates and measures this intangible asset, despite its intangibility. The Credibility Institute provides an evaluation and measurement framework to help professionals working on credibility management to keep tracking credibility ROI.



Our Credibility Engineering Offer


When the Credibility Institute plans a strategy for a client, an individual or an organisation, our first inspiration comes from an internal and external research and from different models and frameworks, such as:


  • RACE Model (Marston)
  • Integrated Evaluation Framework (
    • Objectives, Inputs, Outputs, Activities, Outtakes, Outcomes, Impact
  • Credibility Ecosystem (Prud'homme)
  • Relationship Between Credibility and ROI Model (Stacks and Watson)
  • Credibility ROE & ROI (Credibility Institute)
  • Credibility KPIs (Credibility Institute)
  • Credibility Evaluation & Measurement Framework (Prud'homme and Litalien)



Our strategic planning contains:


  • Internal and external research
  • Strategy
    • Objectives, Inputs, Outputs, Activities, Outtakes, Outcomes, Impact
  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • Publics Analysis
  • Tools and tactics
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Return on Expectations (ROE) and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Evaluation and Measurement
  • Recommendations



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